Intense or part-time, onsite or online, live or on-demand, overview or in-depth.
Choose the program that fits your schedule and needs.


The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) training programs are tailored to a variety of different needs, circumstances and learning styles. Whether you are looking for in-depth coursework that builds knowledge at the masters level, an intense training that provides a broad overview of modern quantitative finance in less than a week, or a self-guided experience that lets you work through concepts and exercises at your own pace, ARPM has a training program to fit your needs.

How to Choose

Which ARPM course or program makes the most sense for you depends on the depth of knowledge you wish to acquire, and the time you have to devote to your study. Please review the chart below for a comparison of our training programs, or feel free to contact us for more information or assistance in planning your ARPM experience.

Quant Bootcamp Quant Core Quant Marathon
Topics Data Science
for Finance
Financial Engineering
for Investment
Quantitative Risk
Quantitative Portfolio
Lab iconVideo lectures iconTheory iconCase studies iconData animations
iconCode iconDocumentation iconSlides iconExercises
Depth Big picture Understanding Deep knowledge
Location Onsite NY | Live stream Online Online
Modularity 1 course 1 course 4 courses
When Aug 10-15 Anytime Starts Feb 1 | Sep 1
Length 6 days 3 months 1-4 semesters
Intensity Full time Part time Part time
Guidance Live instructor - Live instructor
- 30hrs recorded lectures 150hrs recorded lectures
24hr Q&A service 24hr Q&A service 24hr Q&A service
- - Human-graded homework
- Progress tracking Progress tracking
Networking Large class - Small class + Alumni

Instruction and Delivery

The training programs are delivered Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Lab.

Our Quant Bootcamp, Quant Core and Quant Marathon include the most advanced quantitative techniques in:

Data science and machine learning
Market modeling
Factor modeling
Portfolio construction

Algorithmic trading
Investment risk management
Liquidity modeling
Enterprise risk management

The ARPM body of knowledge is organized into four all-encompassing, mutually exclusive, topics that cover all the topics of the ARPM Lab.

Preparation courses in Mathematics, Python and MATLAB are also offered to brush up on the basic concepts.


The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Lab contains all the support materials to learn and practice the concepts covered during the lectures:


ARPM Awards a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the Quant Bootcamp, the Quant Core and each of each of our Quant Marathon courses. In addition, ARPM training prepares students to pass the examinations required for the ARPM Certificate, a trusted credential which indicates broad and deep proficiency in modern quantitative finance, across the financial industry.


Group and affiliate discounts are available.
Furthermore, we work with partner universities for joint delivery of the Quant Bootcamp. See here for the list of partner Universities.
Contact us for more information.

Instructors and Guests

ARPM training is led by Attilio Meucci and the ARPM staff. The Quant Bootcamp and Quant Marathon include guest lectures from well-known academics and financial industry quants.

Robert Almgren

Peter Carr

Emanuel Derman

Bruno Dupire

Jim Gatheral

Ugur Koyluoglu

Alexander Lipton

Bob Litterman

Bob Litzenberger

Andrew Lo

Dilip Madan

Fabio Mercurio

Attilio Meucci

Attilio Meucci

Javier Peña

Javier Peña

Til Schuermann

Steven Shreve

Tai-Ho Wang


Our thousands of Alumni include senior executives from world-renowned banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, funds such as BlackRock, Two Sigma and AQR, and a wide range of other professionals and academics with different backgrounds.


In addition to delivery through the Quant Bootcamp and online programs at, ARPM's programs are also delivered by leading universities as credit coursework, and by financial institutions for the education and the growth of their talent pool. Contact us to learn more about the ARPM Academia and Corporate programs.

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