Quant Marathon program


The Quant Marathon guides students through the ARPM Lab in seven all-encompassing, mutually exclusive, core learning courses, plus optional (Python and MATLAB) refresher courses for preparation purposes.

Refreshers for Python and MATLAB are also available on demand.


The Quant Marathon is delivered remotely online through the ARPM Virtual classroom. On-demand components, such as video lectures and homework assignments, are complemented by live sessions and constant dedicated assistance through the Q&A forum and ARPM’s support channels.

You can pace your progress through the Quant Marathon by switching in and out of any among the below modes:

  • “Individual Jog”, where you progress at your own pace, re-customized and re-optimized for you weekly by our algorithm
  • “Endurance Team”, where you join a cohort that progresses at a moderate pace
  • “Speed Team”, where you join a fast-paced cohort.
Individual jog Endurance Team Speed Team
Average commitment re-optimized weekly 3h/week 12h/week
Peak commitment - 6h/week, once a month 12h/week
Flipped Classroom - one per month one per week
Schedule - one per quarter one per semester
Q&A Forums 24 hours for theory and code questions
Homework human-graded
Networking e-Café

Each Marathoner’s status in Individual Jog or on a Team is regularly re-assessed, based on engagement, performance and individual needs.

Upon explicit request (refer to the Support channels below), Marathoners can switch, temporarily or indefinitely

  • from a (Endurance or Speed) Team to Individual Jog and vice versa
  • from a Speed Team to an Endurance Team and vice versa.

Individual Jog

In Individual Jog, Marathoners progress with the Quant Marathon courses independently, by spending an average of 2 hours per week on study materials and homework. The system suggests an individual study plan, which is re-optimized every week, guided with email reminders.

Endurance Team

In an Endurance Team, Marathoners engage more directly with other participants and ARPM instructors. While in an Endurance Team, each Marathoner can complete Units with other participants based on predefined schedule that covers each Unit in 4 weeks, following the order below:

  • Jog Preparation [2 weeks, expected commitment: ∼2 hours/week]: Marathoners study independently.
  • Sprint [1 week, expected commitment: up to 6 hours]: Marathoners keep studying the topics covered in the Unit, prepare and participate in a “Flipped classroom” session, and start working on the homework, guided by a day-by-day schedule with email reminders.
  • Jog Recovery [1 week, expected commitment: ∼2 hours]: Marathoners study independently to catch up with any incomplete portion of the Unit.

An exception is the Data Science Mathematics course, whose each Unit is covered in two weeks only: one week of Jog Preparation, and one Sprint week.

Courses Units by Weeks

At the end of each Course, and occasionally between Units of the same Course, additional Recovery jog weeks are scheduled to allow the Marathoners in Endurance Teams to complete any missing activity in view of attaining the Certificates of Completion, or to catch a break.

Speed Team

In a Speed Team, Marathoners progress more rapidly, all while engaging directly with other participants and with the ARPM instructors. In Speed Teams, each Course is structured in Weeks, with a few occasional breaks throughout the year.

Every Week requires a commitment of approximately 12 hours to: study, watch the video lectures and practice on the Lab; prepare for and participate in the Flipped classroom; and do the homework; guided by a day-by-day schedule with email reminders. Even in this case the Q&A Forum is available at all times.


Your schedule is customized depending on the delivery mode that you elect:

  • Individual Jog is available at all times.
  • A new Endurance Team starts the Quant Marathon roughly once per quarter, so each Unit is covered by an Endurance Team approximately every 3 months.
  • A new Speed Team starts roughly once every 6 months, so each Unit is covered by a Speed Team approximately every 6 months.

The 2021 Quant Marathon schedules

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