Last Modified: April 18, 2019

General system requirements
To experience the ARPM Lab at its best use a modern up-to-date web browser.
Internet Explorer is no more supported.

System requirements for video lectures and data animations
Video playback on the Lab is supported and tested on major operating systems and web browsers, although some of these have known problems.
- Safari on macOS is not able to play videos due to its limitations on external sources;
- Some Linux distributions may present full-screen playback issues with Firefox and Chromium.
- In order to view videos, you need cookies enable on your device. The cookies can be stopped also by the ad-blockers, then disable them if you meet some problems.

Known issues for the coding environments
- Keyboard input in the MATLAB coding environment will not work properly if your PC is not set up correctly; check that the physical layout of your keyboard matches the input system set.

In case you are experiencing issues on the Lab, try the following steps to quickly solve the problem. You have to go to the next step only if the previous did not work.
- Reload the page without caches pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R (on Linux and Windows) or CMD+SHIFT+R (on Mac).
- Log out and log in again.
- Clear the cache and cookies of your browser and restart it.
- Update your browser to the latest stable version available.
- Reboot your computer.