Leading financial firms trust ARPM - Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management for the advanced quantitative training of their talent. ARPM collaborates in multiple ways to deliver cutting edge training, aiding in the growth, development and retention of valued employees.

Corporate sponsored students

We can help you figure out whether your firm will pay for you to learn with ARPM.

ARPM offers discounts and flexible billing arrangements for professionals who utilize their company’s training budget towards any of our online or in-person offerings.

If you decide to enroll in a class that someone else from your firm has already registered for, we can extend a group discount on both of your registrations.

Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of these for you or your colleagues.

Corporate program

ARPM delivers customized in-house corporate training based on content selected from our masters-level Quant Marathon program.

The training is in-depth across all fields of modern quantitative finance, and is applicable to asset management, banking and insurance. Participants achieve mastery of topics across both theory and implementation.

We provide a customized itinerary for each individual that meets their specific learning requirements, and a schedule tailored to every single employee’s needs: individuals may stop and re-start the training as needed based on the demands of their business or personal lives.

The program is delivered within ARPM’s cutting-edge learning management system, which alternates between two phases:

  • Sprint phase: periods of one or more weeks, customized for each individual, when students follow a day-by-day schedule including live virtual “flipped classroom” sessions led by ARPM instructors and complete hand-graded homework assignments.
    ARPM Corporate: LMS demo
  • Recovery phase: periods of one or more months, customized for each individual, when students receive reminders that flag any areas where their work is incomplete or unsatisfactory, and the system recalculates their individual plan for review work that should be completed before the next sprint phase
    Progress Screenshot

The Training Management System is synchronized with the ARPM Lab, our online platform to learn modern quantitative finance with diverse learning styles

  • video lectures
  • theory
  • case studies
  • data animations
  • code
  • documentation
  • slides
  • exercises
ARPM Corporate: Lab demo
  • 24-hour Q&A forums for both theory and code
  • Networking e-café

Companies can fund the Corporate Program in a flexible way: unused credits for employees who do not complete their training may be rolled over to the next year or to a different employee.

Partner companies

Companies whose employees have trained with ARPM include the following:


Our thousands of Alumni include senior executives from world-renowned banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, funds such as BlackRock, Two Sigma and AQR, and a wide range of other professionals and academics with different backgrounds.

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