3-level proctored exam to prove proficiency in advanced data science
and quantitative finance

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The ARPM Certificate establishes broad and deep proficiency in modern quantitative finance, across the financial industry: asset management, banking and insurance.

The Body of Knowledge tested by the ARPM Certificate is presented in the ARPM Lab, and can be studied independently by working through the Lab materials or via online instruction in the ARPM Quant Marathon. The Body of Knowledge covers the whole spectrum of modern quantitative finance for banking, insurance and asset management.

Attainment of the ARPM Certificate requires the candidate to successfully complete three tests: the Level I Exam, the Level II Exam,
and the Practical Project.

The Level I Exam and the Level II Exam evaluate the candidate’s understanding of the Body of Knowledge.

The Level I Exam and the Level II Exam also test the candidate’s practical ability to replicate this knowledge, as well as the ability to drive implementation into uncharted territories and create models anew.

The Practical Project, also based on the topics in the Body of Knowledge, assesses the candidate’s coding and communication skills.

The ARPM Certificate is purely pass/non-pass. Although the Level I Exam, the Level II Exam and the Practical Project are graded (see here Exams details and Schedule), the grades are for the candidate's records.

Financial institutions worldwide trust the ARPM Certificate as a benchmark for the advancement of their in-house talent.

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