Program benefits

Establishing a Corporate Program benefits firms in three ways:

Efficiency: individuals are able to complete quantitative projects more quickly, while firms that enroll in a critical mass of colleagues in the Program benefit from increased collective productivity due to common language and modus operandi across departments and regions.

Effectiveness: participants get better at identifying the proper approach and scoping projects correctly from the start.

Reliability: not only that the error rate is lowered, but also that participants’ thought process becomes more structured and their code becomes more modular, so both can be re-used on subsequent projects.

Participants in the Corporate Program benefit in three ways:

Practical Skills: participants gain masters-level knowledge of all fields of modern quantitative finance and the ability to apply them to their day-to-day jobs, applicable across asset management, banking and insurance. There are no gaps and no overlaps.

Advancement: participants can apply their skills in multiple roles within the firm, and advance in their careers. For example “Q quants,” whose focus has been the risk-neutral valuation of financial instruments, can work as “P quants” in risk management or portfolio construction. Similarly, IT employees can move into quantitative research roles.

Recognition: financial institutions worldwide trust ARPM as the highest bar of advancement for their in-house talent. Being selected for the Program demonstrates the firm’s investment in the employee, while earning a Certificate of Completion in a subject area unequivocally demonstrates the employee’s full mastery of the material.

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